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It was a distinctly pleasurable opportunity this week to attend the Alymer Community Theatre presentation of An Evening of One Act Plays by Norm Foster. My first visit to this lovely little theatre located in Aylmer’s Old Town Hall Theatre has me convinced that it certainly will not be my last.

The evening consisted of two separate stories, “The Death of Me” and “My Narrator”

“The Death of Me” is a somewhat light reflection on life, and living each day to its fullest with no regrets. The main character, John, finds himself looking back on his past and some of his choices or responses to life events, wishing he had done them differently, though maybe not the ones you might expect. His interactions with the Angel of Death, his doctor and his ex fiance range from heartfelt to hilarious. With serious notes lightened by these humourous personalities, this short production was very well done. The characters worked well together, and each actor embraced the inner spirit of their character with no reserve, whether the character was meant to be likeable or not.

“My Narrator,” a tale of unexpected romance, leads viewers through the early days of a budding romance between two slightly awkward young people and their ‘narrators’. The “Narrators”, providing ‘guidance’ to Miles and Lacy, while navigating their own growing feelings, bring the humour to this production. Filled with laughter, the story spans the characters lives as they learn to accept who they are and how to build success on their own strengths. The fumbling Miles and Lacy’s use of body language and facial expressions was exceptional in this play. From his awkward attempts at suave dating and his blunt questioning of Lacy’s reality, to her clear confusion with his tactics but honest attraction, this production rang with believability.

In both productions the set was managed beautifully, despite the running of two completely distinct productions in one evening. Presented in a minimalist manner, but clearly giving the audience the setting details, the stage staff should be complimented for the smooth transitions.

If you enjoy live theatre, as I do, this production is an evening out I would certainly recommend.